Your favorite trails, captured in 3D

We make 3D topographic maps of trails around the world, and turn them into unique, minimalist wall art. All maps are made in Boston, Massachusetts using state-of-the-art multicolor 3D printing. Check out our growing library of trails, or order a one of a kind custom map!

Custom maps

Work 1:1 with us to turn any trail or journey into a captivating and visually stunning piece of minimalist wall art.

Order a custom map
  • Sustainable materials

    All maps are made from industrially compostable plastics and all packaging is recyclable

  • All maps are customizable

    Custom trail modifications, text, and markers can be added to any map for an additional fee

  • Unparalleled detail

    For smaller trails, terrain is reproduced at a resolution of 1 square meter (1.2 square yards)

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USA thru-hike maps

We have 3D maps of AT, CDT, and PCT through hikes overlaid onto the states they pass through. It's the best way to show off the terrain and distance of these 2,000+ mile trails.

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