About us

From a personal project to a small business

Back in 2021, I wanted a way to commemorate my favorite backpacking trip I had been on at the time - the Laugavegur trail in Iceland. As an engineer in the 3D printing industry, I decided to 3D print a topographic map of the area large enough to mount on a wall in my home - but this didn't tell the full story. Instead, I went through the process of learning how to accurately add the 3D representation of the trail to a topographic map, in addition to adding markers for the huts and campsites along the way.

Optimizing the process

After making a few maps for myself, I had friends and family who wanted maps for their own treks. After getting some experience making them and optimizing the process, I decided to start selling them, initially only making custom maps. I then started making pre-made maps of popular trails, and continue to add more every month. Since then, I've had orders from around the world and for custom maps as large at 5 feet long!